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Your Keys to Virtually Unlimited Space and How to Maximize Your Condo Size

By Mark Ang on September, 28 2018

Second Closet is a storage company that picks up, stores, and returns your stuff when you need it. Welcome to our Blog, where we share modern solutions to age-old storage problems. Explore practical advice, moving tips, and candid personal stories. Click here to start storing.

Let’s face it. Condos these days are getting smaller and smaller and we simply don’t have the luxury of having enough space. So what to do?

Sure - you could rent a locker for $75+/month. But these are often located on parking levels or in stairwells and your stuff is susceptible to getting really dirty, or worse, stolen. A good friend of mine recently had his locker broken into and his ski equipment lifted - it cost him a whopping $5K to replace everything. He could have stored those things with Second Closet for just $24/month and had his things insured and secured (read more about our security features here).

Alternatively, you could rent a traditional storage unit. While it has a little bit more security than the condo locker, you now need to commute to get your things and pay a heftier monthly bill (in the neighbourhood of $200+/month), which sucks! Again, what to do?

If cities like Toronto are to grow successfully, they must make more efficient use of space.
John Greenwood, Financial Post

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Second Closet was born out of a need for more space for less coin. The idea came to me in my one bedroom condo. Like you I had a seasonal wardrobe, a bike, furniture, a pup, and not enough space for it all. I scoured the market for something that fit my budget and personal needs but nothing really made sense. So I decided that I’d design a service that made sense for me: a condo dweller that needed more space and convenience for less. And so here we are.

With Second Closet I store away all my keepsakes, my seasonal coats, and my bike during the winter season. All that costs just $16/month. What’s more is that if I plan a spontaneous mountain biking trip with my buddies for the weekend, I can recall my bike and have it delivered tomorrow.

You may have different uses for Second Closet, and the cool thing about it is that it’s totally modular and puts you in control. You’re no longer confined to a fixed space - you have the luxury of as much space as you need at the click of a button. You’re also not paying out the nose for our service - we want to help Torontonians live a more organized lifestyle, not gouge our fellow urbanites. And you can add or reduce your storage whenever you want through your personal storage portal. So next time you’re scratching your head about what to do with all your stuff, we’d love to give you a hand!


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