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Why Seamless e-Commerce Fulfillment in Canada is Essential to Your Business

By Geoff Parent on May, 22 2019

Second Closet is the fully integrated secure storage and e-Commerce logistics partner you’ve been looking for. We offer cost-effective, technology-first solutions to seamlessly manage, securely store, deliver & return your inventory, assets and files when, where and how you need it done.

For companies in Canada and the USA looking to expand their reach and scale profitably, it’s imperative to look to the significant growth of Canada’s e-Commerce consumer base. Over the last few years, Canadians have embraced e-Commerce — a new reality reflected in both the growing number of consumers and the amount of revenue generated in this space over a very short time span. According to a 2019 report, 8 out of 10 Canadians are now shopping online in some capacity and 32% of Canadian shoppers say that they plan to buy more online in the upcoming year.1 Revenue-wise, just under $40 billion was generated in 2018. By 2023, analysts predict that this number will hit $55.4 billion — a growth rate of 38%.2

In order to capitalize on these surging numbers, it’s important to work with an e-Commerce order fulfillment company that has the resources, market knowledge and logistical expertise to help your business scale effectively. Read on to learn how Second Closet is this ideal order fulfillment partner for Canadian and American-based companies looking to scale with ease in the burgeoning Canadian e-Commerce marketplace.




Statistic: Retail e-commerce revenue in Canada from 2017 to 2023 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Second Closet Can Help American Businesses Leverage the Power of Canada’s Growing e-Commerce Consumer Base

The Canadian e-Commerce market undoubtedly represents a tremendous opportunity for companies in the US looking to expand their total addressable market by roughly 10%: it’s a market of over 30 million consumers which requires very little (if any) adjustment to their marketing efforts. It’s essential to understand, however, that shipping and fulfilling from the US presents avoidable inconveniences to Canadian end customers. Stores located in the USA often charge Canadian customers a 25-40% shipping premium when it would otherwise be free for American customers. Plus, for orders of $151 dollars or more, Canadians must pay customs duties on top of the already exorbitant shipping costs. When you add these fees, customers are less likely to convert.

This is why Second Closet is the ideal solution for companies looking to fulfill more efficiently and cost-effectively north of the border. When you store and ship from our strategically-located warehouses in the eastern and western parts of the continent, you can waive these premiums to help scale your operations effectively and competitively.




We Help Our Partners Improve Their e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Practices

Canadians are expecting more from their e-Commerce shopping experiences than ever before. Successfully navigating the realities of this ever-changing marketplace is essential for sustainable growth. Whether your online store is just starting up or has been in business for years with tens of thousands of dollars of monthly sales — we can help. With our end-to-end, tech-enabled, scalable fulfillment solutions, we can help seamlessly manage the secure storage and timely shipment of your e-Commerce orders. Don’t risk abandoned carts and disgruntled customers with inconsistent fulfillment practices and high shipping costs. Instead, rely on our logistical expertise to help streamline and simplify the fulfillment process at every step along the way.

What to Expect With Second Closet As Your e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Partner:

Discounted Postage Rates 

We leverage our partnerships with major postage providers to secure highly-competitive volume-based discounts. What does this mean for you? We provide our partners with discounted shipping rates of up to 80%. Through these postage rates, we effectively pay for ourselves.

A Fully-Integrated, Strategically-Located, Owned-and-Operated Warehouse and Fleet Network

For our USA-based partners, we'll ship products to your Canadian customers domestically saving time and money for you and them in the process.

We have fully-integrated, strategically-located, fully owned-and-operated warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver, with Ottawa and Montreal coming online in 2020. This means we can get you closer to your end customers in the biggest urban centres in the country, reducing shipping costs and wait times. And no matter where you ship from, our tech, training, staff training and logistical procedures are the same across the country. This means you can expect the same quality of service in any of our covered areas.

Best-in-Class Tech

Our proprietary tech platform seamlessly integrates with your online store. From receiving to delivery, we’ll execute end-to-end order fulfillment (inventory management, picking, packing, shipping) on time, every time. When it comes to e-Commerce order fulfillment, we do it all. We make the process predictable, scalable, cost-effective and convenient so you can focus on the parts of the business you do best.

Find Out How Second Closet Can Become Your North American e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Partner

More than just a third-party logistics provider, Second Closet brings a partnership mindset to every client relationship. In other words, rather than just focusing on the transactional operations at-hand, we work hard to integrate and develop our operations in a way that aligns with your business aims. Our dedicated account management and customer success teams are focused on helping businesses grow and scale their operations effectively and competitively. To learn more about how Second Closet can help your business, visit our website and contact us today to talk to one of our representatives.


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