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Why More Businesses Are Using Valet Storage

By Geoff Parent on December, 18 2018



Second Closet is a storage company that picks up, stores, and returns your stuff when you need it. Welcome to our Blog, where we share modern solutions to age-old storage problems. Explore practical advice, moving tips, and candid personal stories. Click here to start storing

Second Closet is a valet storage company that provides businesses with convenient, affordable storage and warehousing infrastructure. We are committed to redefining how businesses view and utilize storage services. We aren’t simply a place to house excess inventory, documents and items. We are a progressive, dynamic storage company that can help your business streamline and carry out its operational needs. Quite simply, it’s smarter storage for smarter business.

Read on to find out more about how we've made managing your physical stuff better, faster and easier than ever before.

We Can Help With Warehousing and Logistics for Less

Warehousing, logistics and supply chain systems can be very expensive, complicated and time consuming to set up. We also understand that organizing a logistical infrastructure is something that may fall outside of your expertise. So why not leave it to us? Not only can we coordinate the pickup, storing and return of your inventory when you need it, our highly-experienced logistics team can also pick, pack and ship your orders in a timely and organized fashion. You can also view and manage your inventory through our online business portal.

We are a technology-driven company that uses software designed to simplify operations and reduce time sinks. Our flexible, dynamic, affordable storage solutions can help streamline the back end of your business so you can focus on growing it.

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Keep Important Documents Organized and Secure

Even in an increasingly paperless world, paper still manages to play a major factor for many businesses. Receipts, invoices, contracts and other legal documents can often exist in a sort of administrative limbo: you rarely need to consult them, but you definitely can’t just toss them away. These documents also have a subtle way of piling up to the point where they become barriers to efficiency.

With Second Closet, you can keep these documents safe, secure and, thankfully, out of the way until you need them. They won’t be touched or tampered with once they are in storage, so we can guarantee that they will stay as organized as you left them. Second Closet also provides 24/7 monitoring, state of the art security features and carefully vetted employees for added peace of mind.

Valet Storage is Easier and Cheaper Than Finding A Bigger Workplace

No matter how you look at it, rent is just flat out expensive. In the third quarter of 2018 alone, the annual commercial rental price per square foot in Toronto was $43.31.¹ This makes the prospect of even marginally upsizing an expensive prospect for a lot of businesses, to say nothing of the resources associated with the move itself. And who's to say that the storage problems won’t eventually return in a slightly bigger space?

Switching over to valet storage can save time, money and energy by helping you better utilize the space you have. Second Closet provides affordable, flexible storage solutions that can help you better organize inventory and materials. You can store using an item plan or a space plan for prices that are flexible to your needs. Whether you’re storing bulky items, inventory or lingering boxes that are taking up room in the supply closet, we have you covered. Our rates are also fixed, so we always honour the initially agreed upon price.

Let Second Closet Help With Your Storage Needs

No matter what your business’s storage needs are, Second Closet can help with just about anything. We understand the needs of growing, modern, space-conscious businesses, and we are here to help. Our flexible pricing and storage plans ensure that your business won’t break the bank when it comes to warehousing inventory, document and material storage and supply chain logistics.


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