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Three Things We Hate About Moving

By Mark Ang on September, 28 2018

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We’ve all been there. And if you haven’t, you will eventually. It is not something typically at the forefront of our minds, but anyone who has been through the process knows that it is nothing short of a living hell. For most, it is an unfortunate necessity. Parents kicking you out of the house? You’ll probably need to move into a studio apartment. Thinking about starting a family? You may want to find a house in the suburbs for the extra space. Retiring? Won the lottery? Moving across the country for a new job? The list goes on. The common denominator between all of those things is the need to move. Everyone’s struggle is different, but a little bit of awareness goes a long way in preparing yourself. And so, here are the top three things we hate about moving.

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1. Timing

Ideally moving would always happen on a weekend. Sadly, in a world of one-year rental agreements, 60 day closings, and the fact that the first of the month only falls on a weekend 28.5% of the time (we did the math!), it usually means that you’ll be moving on a weekday. So not only do you have to move, you have to do so using one of your precious vacation days.


2. Loose Ends

Moving isn’t as simple as picking up and leaving. Don’t forget to: cancel your utilities, book your elevator slot, coordinate movers/friends, and claim your security deposit (to name a few). The biggest pain is going to be changing your address with all the companies you do business with. I’d be willing to bet my first born child that you’ll miss at least 5 on your first pass. Ever had an Amazon delivery go to your old place? I have. And it sucks.


3. Your Friends are Terrible People

Ever helped your friend move and wonder if they would do the same for you? Here’s your chance to test that. Moving day is approaching and you realize that you’re a little short on money to hire movers. So what’s the alternative? Friends! “Hey, Brandon, remember that time I helped you move? I’m going to be moving do you think you could help me?” “No, sorry man I’m busy that day.” “...But I haven’t even told you which day yet.” Sound familiar? You never knew how busy all of your friends really were until you asked them to help you move.


Remember when we talked about why we started Second Closet? TL;DR We wanted to design a service that would maximize the utility of our space amidst rising housing prices and smaller spaces. As it turns out, it’s also a great way to have less things on hand to move when you are actually moving houses. And with your ability to update your delivery address (i.e. have your things picked up at one spot and dropped off at another) coupled with our free plastic bins, Second Closet is the perfect moving companion to make your life a little simpler.


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