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Summer Storage: End of the Season

By Mark Ang on September, 28 2018

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Summertime, and the storage is easy.

Summer (or whatever this past season pretended to be) is almost over. For sure, squeeze the last vestiges of sunlight and warmth from the days, but soon reality will come a knockin’. It’ll be time to close up the patio or the yard, and if you live in a tiny space, this means sharing that space with cushions, fragile furniture, and those precious, precious garden gnomes.

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Here’s an idea. Don’t. Even if you normally put cushions and other fabric-covered items into garbage bags in an outdoor shed, the chance that they might get ruined by weather or varmints is still pretty high. Instead, call up Second Closet and say, “Bring me a couple of large bins, please!” Place those items in the bins, along with the gnomes, and have them taken away and stored in climate-controlled comfort for the winter. In the spring, when the crocus start to peak through, and all the hope of summer is before you, call us back and we’ll return your bins. It’ll be like a gift that you’ve given yourself. Think of it as summer in a box.

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.
 - Henry David Thoreau

This excellent idea also applies to your bicycles. These, too, can be stored at our facility and returned to you when the ice and slush have left the streets. This might also be a good time to change over table linens or refresh your walls with different art. Everything can go into the bins, and one simple call takes it away, and another simple call brings it all back.

Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, especially because it didn’t really seem to fully arrive this year, but we can make it easier for you and make the winter months more comfortable by freeing up your precious indoor space so that you have room to dream about the spring.


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