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Second Closet vs. Self Storage: How Our Bins Stack Up

By Mark Ang on September, 28 2018

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Let’s talk about self-storage.

I have a friend named Sarah (which may not be her real name...) who lives with her husband in a condo on the east-end. It’s not a super expensive place, but that means that it’s relatively small. Both Sarah and her husband are professionals with full-time jobs. Sarah is a lawyer and, despite the fact that she’s a tidy person, her home has steadily become packed with stacked boxes of legal documents. She quite literally needs to dodge between the boxes when she moves from her living room to her kitchen.

Now keep in mind, her job isn’t her life. She is also a cyclist (it’s cheaper than driving) and has to put her bike somewhere. She’s from Toronto, so you can believe that she has winter clothes to store year-round in case a cold snap sets in. On top of all of this - her husband has just as much stuff

This year, Sarah and her husband made a resolution to organize their apartment and break out of the cycle. They bit the bullet, and paid for a storage locker in their condo. They spent the better part of two weeks steadily packing things and moving them downstairs to the locker.

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About a month ago their storage locker was broken into and a lot of their things were stolen, including Sarah’s bike.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about this story and it is familiar to almost everyone who hears it. Getting overwhelmed by the accumulation of things, too little space available, high costs of storage space, low security for that same expensive storage space, and if you’ve lived in Toronto you’ve likely faced at least one of these.

The truth is, there aren’t many options out there that address these issues...

So we made one that addresses all of them.

Let’s face it: our lives are getting busier by the day, and with the fast pace of life in the city it’s often hard to keep up. We're left with little time to get through our personal laundry lists for the day, let alone time to declutter our space. But maintaining a tidy space can increase our productivity and have a cascading positive effect on everything else we do. So why isn’t this a priority? Well, we just don’t have enough space to work with and in order to access more we’d classically need to turn to self-storage.

The problem is that self-storage isn’t easy. You need to drive to their location, sign papers in person, move your stuff in, worry about insurance, and go there in-person each and every time you want to retrieve something...all while paying a hefty monthly bill. So we’re challenging that model.

We designed Second Closet around three key values:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Affordability

Ready to take back your space? Get some bins, pack your stuff, and celebrate your space while we take care of the rest.


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