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Need Last-Minute Student Storage? Second Closet Can Help

By Geoff Parent on March, 20 2020

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Is the family home acting as a temporary storage unit? We can help!

Life comes at you fast . . .

As thousands of post-secondary students across Canada find themselves moving home sooner than expected, many families are now facing unexpected logistical challenges: plans have been moved up, storage is filling up fast and space is needed now. Given the current climate, the last thing families should be worrying about is an influx of extra stuff. 


But you know what? The family home doesn't have to be the temporary storage unit. With Second Closet, last-minute storage is simple, convenient and cost-effective. Most importantly, you don't have to pack your car and drive anywhere. We will pick up, securely store and return your things whenever you need them. 


Need more info? Read on to learn about how Second Closet is the perfect solution for your last-minute storage needs. 




I’ve heard of Second Closet but I don’t really know what they do.

It's simple. We're a “customer-service” rather than “self-service” storage company. We pick up, store, and return your stuff to help you store student items quickly and easily. Our process is effortless, quick, and can be entirely controlled through our online platform from the comfort of your home.


So how exactly is that different from self-storage companies?

With self-storage, you drive your car or a rented truck to a storage facility, unload your items, and drive back to pick your items up when you're finished. But with Second Closet, we pick up, store and return your stuff so that you can save time and money renting a truck or driving to a remote part of town to lock up your things.

We also have a more custom and flexible system in place for your storage plans and respective rates. With self-storage, you select a space and pay a set rate for that space. But, the problem is, is that people end up paying for space they aren't using, as self- storage facilities always try to maximize your use of space. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for an entire unit just to store a single couch or set of skis, and that’s exactly why Second Closet offers custom storage plans.


Walk me through the process of using Second Closet.

1. When you are booking your appointment, you can:

       a) Schedule an immediate pickup which will give you 15 minutes to pack your


       b) Or schedule both a drop off and pick up appointment, which provides you up to two

            weeks to pack!


2. Once you place an order, we’ll deliver our free packing boxes complete with barcodes and safety seals and any other packing supplies you need. And, you can of course use your own boxes if you prefer.


3. On your scheduled pick-up date, our team will arrive to pick up your items and bring them to storage in our secure, temperature-controlled facilities.


4. When you are ready to get your stuff back, we will deliver any number of your items during a time-window set by you.


5. And when you're all done, we’ll come pick up the empty boxes.



Let's get into logistics. What are your custom storage plans?

We offer both:


1) An Item Plan, where you pay by the item.

Ranging from $3 a month with a bankers box to $36 a month for extra bulky items like a heavy stone table, you only pay for the items you need to store. Because we tie these prices to single items, you always know you are paying for exactly the storage you need and not one square-foot more.


2) Or a Space Plan, where you pay by the space you need.

This plan is perfect if you actually need a fixed amount of storage space. And even though these spaces are fixed, we offer a wide range of sizes (40ft3 to 600ft3) to suit a wide range of storage seekers.


If you don’t know which plan would be best for you, we will help you choose the most affordable option based on your storage needs so you will always end up paying the best possible rate.


Do you have a general philosophy when it comes to storage?

Yes! We used to be you, so we understand just what you're going through when you're using traditional self-storage. And after living through the pain points of the old system, we realized that there was a better way.

While we aim to make self-storage easier than ever by committing to picking up, storing and delivering your stuff where and when you need it, we also don’t want these services to break the bank. We firmly believe in helping our customers find the most cost-effective solution for their storage needs. So, if you ever reduce the amount of boxes or items you are storing, we will always decrease your monthly rate as well. If you take sufficient items out of your storage space that your things would fit with one of our smaller plans, we will automatically suggest the switch to save you money. And if you need more space, we'll also suggest bumping it up to the next plan in size.

We also never increase our rates on our customers. Traditional self-storage companies have a reputation for storing their tenant's stuff and then increasing the rates on them, forcing the tenant to either relocate or pay their inflated rate. At Second Closet, we guarantee the price you agree to will remain consistent.


Stop Stressing and Start Storing! 

Don't battle with temporary storage. Connect with us today and find out how easy last-minute storage can be. 


Start Storing


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