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By Heindrik Bernabe on September, 28 2018

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So…you’ve decided to renovate. Great decision! So much easier than moving, or buying a fixer-upper, or building something in another city because the one you’re in is one of the most cost-prohibitive places on the planet. You’re just going to – in the words of the immortal Crosby, Stills and Nash – “love the one you’re with.” We support this decision.

Oftentimes, you find yourself in a great neighbourhood. Maybe you bought the worst house on the best street 20 years back and did a lot of DIY renovations; and for years it suited your purposes. But now the kids are grown and the IKEA kitchen is looking shabby. It’s time to be grownups and get the home you want to live in, not the one you think the children won’t destroy. That’s not only an economical decision, but an environmentally responsible decision.

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But here’s the drawback. You need to get all that stuff out of the house before the workers can do their magic. This might be a really good time to pare down, but it’s also essential that when the renovation is over, you’re able to look at your stuff and determine what works best in the new space. You can’t know that before that new space is created.

Second Closet makes this whole process super easy. Call up, order a bunch of big bins and fill them with all the tchotchkes, pantry items, pots and pans, lamps, throws, rugs, cushions, and beanie babies in your possession. When the contractors are done transforming your home into the house of your dreams, have Second Closet bring them back to you. This is when you can determine which possessions work with the new space and which have outgrown their usefulness or appeal. It’s amazing what a little time and distance can do when determining what’s important, beautiful, useful, and meaningful.


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