How to Maximize Office Space

By Teri Booth on January, 8 2019

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Organizing an office is not as simple as providing your team with their desk. An office is a physical representation of your company’s culture. Ideally, every business owner wants their employees to feel productive, inspired, and comfortable in their workspace.


There are eight simple steps you can take to begin reimagining your office space. This is your plan to start dreaming up what your office could be and executing this plan in the most affordable and efficient way possible. So, first things first, how much is this going to cost?


1. Set a Budget and Timeline

First, you should determine what needs to be done. Your office space may require minor tweaks like painting, wallpaper and new furniture. Alternatively, your office space could require construction and large-scale space planning.


According to Mary Ray, co-founder of several startups, including MyHealthTeams, if your space is less than 5,000 square feet, you can spend anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 dollars on a renovation, painting, and furniture. Noa Santos, the founder and CEO of Homepolish says, “For spaces that are 5,000 – 10,000 square feet, you need a budget of $10,000-$200,000 dollars. Look at your unique business needs and determine what you can afford.” (1)


2. Make a List

Take inventory of your office space and function, then determine which supplies you need to fulfill these requirements. Create a more granular breakdown of the number of supplies you need based on your office size in a spreadsheet. Find a high-level breakdown below.







TV, Whiteboard, table, chairs, etc



Table, chairs, microwave, fridge, etc



Whiteboard, table, chairs, etc

Daily work

Desk space

Desks, chairs, desktop screens, lamps, etc


3. Get Inspired

You’ve probably seen the slide in the Google office or the crazy lunch halls at Facebook. Have fun browsing some of the top companies’ workspaces and create a vision board where you can visualize the dream office for your team. Come to an agreement on the best layout or colour scheme for your unique workplace. If you need more #inspo, take a look Inside the World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2018.


4. Measure

Determine exactly how much space you have. Have the space sketched with measurements and inquire what your landlord will and will not let you change. For example, ask if painting walls or even taking down walls is an option. If your landlord allows for flexibility, you can reorganize the office space in a more transformative manner.


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5. Invest in a Layout Plan

Not everyone is trained in interior design. It’s better to hire a professional than make a mistake that could cost you a lot of money down the road. A designer can help make your vision a reality and deliver a floor plan that suits your needs. Make sure to ask for their portfolio and check that they have experience working with office spaces.


6. Get a Quote

You’ll need to pay the designer, a general contractor, a painter, movers, and pay for any new office supplies your space demands. As you can imagine, this will quickly push your budget. Cut unnecessary costs and research affordable options. Spend the highest fraction of the budget on high priority jobs you need to be done properly like the layout plan and take a no-frills approach to the painting or moving services.


7. Store Excess

As you transition your office space or make big changes there will be supplies and furniture that need to be stored. Second Closet services businesses to help store large quantities of stocks, documents, and other bulky items in a large secure facility. We pick up your things on site and return them when you need them. If your office suddenly needs more desks, no problem, we can bring back exactly what you need. Contact Second Closet to find out how we can make your office more spacious.


8. Add Personality

Decor can help or hinder the spacious feel of an office. Light colours, open concept designs, and elongated tables that fit more people can create a spacious feel. In all the craziness, don’t forget to add a little personality in the form of artwork, branding, and greenery to lighten the atmosphere throughout the workday.  


Feel at Home at Work

You and your employees spend a lot of time in the office. Make sure the office environment gives everyone room to breathe. We’re here to help. If you have any questions about how valet storage can make office downsizing, expansion, or relocating easier than ever, contact us today.


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