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How Much Does Self Storage Cost in Toronto?

By Geoff Parent on April, 23 2019

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In a city like Toronto, where population density is high and space is at a premium, affordable self-storage can be an expensive proposition. And it’s not only the cost of the unit; you also have to consider the costs associated with keeping your stuff safe, secure and dry. After all, cheap rates are certainly a consideration, but they aren’t the only consideration. When you factor in supply, demand, quality of service, and the fact that storage vacancy in Toronto is at a historic low, the cost of self-storage is going to be predictably high.


Depending on the size of the unit, those seeking out self-storage in Toronto can expect to pay around $40/month for very tiny spaces, to up to $900/month for very large spaces.1 These prices can also change unexpectedly, as many storage companies will suddenly increase rates. And while these prices are an unavoidable reflection of the market, they only make sense if you need the space of an entire unit. Plus, traditional storage units force you to haul, organize and pick up all your things yourself, which can be a major hassle at the best of times.


These are the reasons why Second Closet aims to make storage easier, more flexible and more cost-effective. Whether you’re storing one item or a bunch of items, you’ll only ever pay for the storage you use. We’ll also pick up your stuff, store it and drop it off to make the whole process that much easier. Learn about how Second Closet’s pricing makes self-storage in Toronto less of a burden.

Custom Storage Plans Make for Flexible Pricing

No matter how safe, clean and secure a traditional storage unit may be, they will always force you to maximize the use of the space in order to make it cost effective. If you’re paying for a self-storage unit in Toronto that’s 5’x5’, you would ideally like to fill that entire space, but what if you only have one or two larger items to store? Is it fair to have to rent out an entire large unit to store a loveseat and a bike? This is precisely why Second Closet offers two storage plans: the Item Plan and the Space Plan.


The Item Plan

With the Item Plan, you can store and pay by the item. From a banker’s box, to a surfboard, to a sectional, you only pay for the items you need to store. If you reduce the amount of boxes or items you are storing, your monthly rate will decrease as well. These Item Plans range from as low as $3/month to $36/month for those extra bulky items like sectional couches, very large pieces of furniture and heavy stone or marble tables. Because we tie these prices to single items, you always know you are paying for exactly the storage you need and not one square foot more.


The Space Plan

With the Space Plan, you can book fixed amounts of space in varying sizes from a low as $45/month for 40ft3. These plans are perfect for those who actually need a fixed amount of storage space. And even though these spaces are fixed, we offer a wide range of sizes (40ft3 to 600ft3) to suit a wide range of storage seekers.


Just like with our Item Plan, we want our Space Plans to be as cost-effective as possible. If you take sufficient items out of your storage space that your things would fit with one of our smaller plans, we will automatically suggest the switch to save you money. Need more space? We'll suggest bumping it up to the next plan in size. Plus, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting and transportation from your place to our secure storage facility in the GTA.


Relevant Second Closet Costs

We aim to make self-storage easier than ever by committing to picking up, storing and delivering your stuff where you need it. That said, we also don’t want these services to break the bank. Here’s how we make that happen.


Free Pickup

Once you place an order, we’ll deliver any boxes you ordered along with any packing supplies requested. You can also use your own boxes if you prefer. The first 15 minutes of moving is free for pickups with only boxes and bulky items. A modest moving fee of $1.50/minute per mover is applied thereafter. Storing something that requires two or more people to lift? $1.50/minute/mover will be applied.


Storage Costs

We will store your items according to the plan you select. Our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility is located in the GTA. Whereas other storage companies have been known to increase their rates once you’ve moved in, we’ll honour our original price forever.


Delivery Fees

Whether you need some, or all, of your stuff back, Second Closet will deliver it where you need to go for a recall fee of $25. We deliver 7 days a week – Monday through Sunday – from 10AM to 7PM. We are in full operation everyday, including all major holidays except Christmas day. If you need a rushed delivery, we can make it happen in as little as 90 minutes for a reasonable surcharge.



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Second Closet Makes Toronto Self Storage Easier

In a city where the population keeps rising and the square-footage keeps shrinking, Second Closet provides the convenient, affordable self-storage that Torontonians are looking for. Customize your plan, schedule a pickup online and we’ll take care of the rest. If there are any questions your have about how we can make your self-storage search easier than ever, contact us today.


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