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Better e-Commerce Fulfillment: Second Closet Delivers Boutique-Style Services

By Geoff Parent on October, 8 2020

Second Closet is the fully integrated Canadian e-Commerce business logistics and fulfillment partner you’ve been looking for. We offer cost-effective, technology-first solutions to seamlessly manage and securely store your inventory, fulfill e-Commerce orders and deliver best in class customer experiences.


We offer highly specialized, tailored services to our e-Commerce fulfillment partners

From the logistical headaches and service inconsistencies that come with working with too many third parties, to the time, money and energy needed to fulfill orders on your own, it can be difficult to know where to turn for solid, simple, seamless e-Commerce fulfillment services that work for you and your company’s needs. Enter Second Closet.

We are a fully integrated team of fulfillment, logistics and storage specialists who are intently focused on helping businesses grow and scale in the highly competitive online marketplace. Success in this space is about so much more than selling the right products, it’s about delighting customers, seamless logistics and rising to meet the demands of a post-COVID retail landscape.

In the same way that retailers should be focused on creating the best customer experience possible, we are committed to providing our clients and partners with value-added, boutique-style services to help them address and overcome common e-Commerce fulfillment and logistics challenges. In other words, we believe in more than just transactional relationships. Learn more about our service offering below.




We are a B2B partner with B2C origins

Second Closet launched into the consumer storage market in January 2017 with the mission of making the process better, faster and more affordable than ever before. And because we cut our teeth in the consumer storage space, we have an intuitive understanding of how important every consumer touch point is for your business. More than just ensuring smooth and seamless fulfillment, we are a partner who is primarily concerned with making it easier for our partners to deliver the best customer experience possible.




We offer unparalleled service and accountability for your business and your customers

Your e-Commerce fulfillment partner should be dedicated, focused and growth-driven. Given how essential e-Commerce order fulfillment operations are to your business going into a holiday e-Commerce shopping period unlike any other, your partner should be committed to ensuring your brand is well-represented at every stage of the process. Beyond that, they should ultimately help you achieve your growth objectives, navigate periods of uncertainty and help you scale for the future.

Second Closet brings a partnership mindset to every client relationship. In other words, rather than just focusing on the transactional operations at-hand, we work hard to integrate our proprietary technology and operations in a way that aligns with your business aims. Our dedicated account management and customer success teams are available when you need them and are fully committed to helping your business grow and scale their operations effectively and competitively.


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Second Closet is the single-partner solution: we receive, store, pick, pack, ship and manage returns using our proprietary technology

When it comes to working with businesses to improve their e-Commerce operations, our biggest priority is to ensure that all stages of the fulfillment process work together seamlessly and in tandem. Receiving, storing, managing, picking, packing and shipping online orders are all essential steps to successful fulfillment. The more steps your dedicated e-Commerce fulfillment partner can handle, the less you have to worry about back-end logistics. This gives you the flexibility you need to focus on the aspects of the business that you manage best.

We are a fully-integrated team of storage and logistics specialists who deliver at every stage of the fulfillment process to streamline and simplify your e-Commerce efforts. In the e-Commerce marketplace, technology drives convenience and expediency. From the moment an order is placed online, the e-Commerce fulfillment process must run smoothly on the back end as it does on the front end. Staying competitive in this space requires an e-Commerce fulfillment partner with the technological expertise to remain agile and flexible.

Our proprietary fulfillment software seamlessly integrates with major online stores like Shopify. That means as soon as an order is placed on your online store, we’ll receive it, pull it, pack it and ship it out from one of our fulfillment centres. Our technology works within your existing infrastructure to ensure a smooth transition with no downtime or disruptions.


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We take care of returns and reverse logistics

From the associated costs to the logistical headaches, reverse logistics can be a major issue for online retailers of all sizes. These issues are compounded by the fact that returns matter to online shoppers. In the 2018 survey of Canadian online shoppers, 40% indicated that they would abandon cart if the returns policy was not ideal.

It’s quite simple: without proper reverse logistics, the costs and inventory issues associated with returns can cut into the bottom line. When you partner with Second Closet, we handle the entire returns process with ease, leading to greater customer satisfaction. When your customer requests an exchange or a return through your online store, we’ll receive the information before creating and sending the packing label at no cost to the customer. Once the customer sends the product back to us, we’ll receive the product before adding it back into your inventory.

This level of control and dedication also allows us to create a customized returns program that works for your brand or aligns with your core values. For example, if a clothing brand wanted to set up an initiative with a local shelter, we could help receive, wash, clean and donate returned items instead of simply adding them back into inventory.




We operate strategically-located fulfillment centres that will get Canadian & American businesses closer to their Canadian customers

Our fully owned-and-operated warehouses are strategically located in four of the largest urban centres in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal) to get you closer to your end customers and reduce shipping times. And best of all? Our services are standardized and fully-integrated no matter the location, which means you can expect the same quality of service no matter where we’re fulfilling orders for you. We are so confident in our ability to deliver on time that we guarantee same-day order fulfillment for orders placed before 1:00 PM.




We leverage our relationships to help you save on shipping costs

Shipping matters to Canadian consumers. In a 2019 report, 80% of Canadian respondents listed free shipping as the primary factor driving their choice of retailer. As a result, we help our partners create better shipping options for their customers. We’ve built the partnerships you need to stay competitive, maximize profitability, reduce abandoned carts and satisfy customers. We leverage the millions of dollars we spend with UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Canpar and other major postage providers to secure excellent, discounted postage rates of up to 80% for our e-Commerce fulfillment clients and their consumers. We never mark these rates up and we pass the savings directly on to the businesses we work with.


We treat our clients like partners to help them grow and scale their online businesses

If you’re looking to make more of an impact through your e-Commerce operations, there are more options out there than working with faceless third parties and giant online marketplaces. When you work with Second Closet, you’re choosing a dedicated partner who is committed to providing value-added services, fulfillment and logistics expertise and exceptional customer service. To learn more about how our unique fulfillment services can work for you, reach out today!











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