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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Home More Beautiful

By Teri Booth on May, 6 2019

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Make Your Home Beautiful

We all want to feel proud of our space. Our home is the haven we return to every day, it's the first impression we offer visitors, and it can affect our mood based on its appeal or lack thereof. If you're not happy with your place you're less likely to host friends or feel motivated to keep it clean and organized. You don't need an interior decorator or a winning lottery ticket to pull off these design tips. Here are seven easy steps you can take to make your home more beautiful today. 


1. Paint Your Front Door

What’s an easy way to keep things fresh at home? A fresh coat of paint! Take a picture of the exterior of your home and bring it to a local paint store. Get inspired as you browse the colour wheel. Bold colours tend to stand out and provide a desirable contrast against the neutral backdrop of your house. A few popular selections include bright yellow, royal blue or fire-engine red. Every time you come home you’ll immediately see the result of your risk-taking and creativity. A brightly coloured front door can instantly help a home feel trendy, fresh and beautiful.


2. Tidy Up



Even the most beautiful homes can be made ugly under a mess. If you’re living in a cluttered home, a weekend cleanup will instantly make your space feel more welcoming. Start by decluttering the rooms in your home and finish by deep cleaning the floors and main surfaces. If you simply have too much stuff, we pick up, store, and return your stuff for you so you can live in a clutter-free place and access your things quickly when you need them. Call us and we’ll store your extra stuff.



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3. Add Greenery and Flowers


Nature knows a thing or two about beauty. Adding greenery to your home can breathe life into a stale room. Add an indoor tree to an empty corner or make space for a succulent centrepiece. Visit your local nursery and ask which plants are best suited for the space you’re seeking to fill. If you’re a new plant parent, start with a low maintenance house plant that you can water on a semi-regular basis. If you’re not ready for a plant care routine, pick up fresh cut flowers and decorate your living space with gorgeous bouquets. Your home can be made beautiful and fragrant with the quick addition of a vase and a stunning arrangement.


4. Freshen Up Artwork


Have you grown tired of the same old artwork in your home? Worse yet, have you settled for empty space on your walls in an attempt to avoid the effort altogether? A fantastic way to instantly beautify your home is by allowing the artwork to do it for you. Displaying a vibrant or interesting piece of artwork greatly contributes to a house’s appeal. A trend we’ve seen everywhere in 2019, is the display of children’s art in the living room, entranceway and other high-traffic home zones. Instead of tucking those crayon creations in a drawer, frame them for all to see. If you’re feeling extra ambitious you can rotate your artwork seasonally to set the tone of your home throughout the year.



5. Change Up Wallpaper


Wallpaper gets a bad rap. It turns out, wallpaper is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to quickly change the look and feel of your home. You can add bright or playful statement walls to rooms, you can brighten up boring spaces and you can get creative knowing it’s not permanent. Another home decor trend that’s been dominating 2019 is experimenting with pattern-on-pattern. People are getting adventurous with bold wallpaper and layering bright statement pieces of art on top. Bold is beautiful and we’re loving this unique idea.


6. Throw on Throw Pillows


Be the host with the most throw pillows. You can easily swap out your old throws with new ones and opt for matchy-matchy or mixed-and-matched hues, colours and textures. If your couch or duvet is neutral, go wild with colour. If you’re working on an already bright backdrop, you can play around with neutral throws or intentionally select contrasting colours like adding a yellow throw to a blue loveseat.


7. Get Colourful

We can’t stress this enough, whether it’s your front door, a bouquet of flowers or a quirky throw pillow, injecting your home with a little colour makes all the difference. Sometimes it feels like the safe bet to keep things neutral, but don’t be afraid of colour. If you’re uncertain about going too bold, keep your statement pieces and walls neutral and begin to slowly add colour in the form of accessories. If you’re worried about splurging on a statement chair that could go out of style in the next few years, invest in a neutral chair and add a statement pillow. You can also be more adventurous with colour in small rooms like your powder room or guest room.


We Help Make Your Home Beautiful

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