5 Ways Second Closet is an Ideal Partner for Logistics & Activations

By Geoff Parent on August, 8 2019

Second Closet is the fully integrated secure storage and logistics partner you’ve been looking for. We offer cost-effective, technology-first solutions to seamlessly manage, securely store, deliver & return your inventory and brand assets whenever and however you need it done.

Beginning as a consumer storage service in 2017, Second Closet was founded on the premise that asset storage should be easier, faster and more affordable. As businesses began to come to us to store, manage and deliver their physical assets, we set up a dedicated service offering to help with everything from e-Commerce fulfillment to fully-integrated operations and logistics.

When it comes to our experiential marketing clients, our track record speaks for itself. Our team of dedicated storage, operations and logistics experts work with some of the largest experiential marketing companies and brands on the continent. These clients value our ability to develop the solutions they need to deliver flawless experiential marketing activations each and every time. Read on to learn about five things that make us the ideal partner for experiential marketers.




1. Second Closet Delivers Full-Service Executions for Our Experiential Marketing Partners

Successful XM setups rely on flawless operational execution from start to finish. Having to rely on multiple third-parties for storage, delivery, setup, maintenance and takedowns only serves to make execution more difficult and can lead to unnecessary headaches down the line. When you use Second Closet for XM setups and activations, you get a full-service partner who executes at every stage. From ideation to execution, our fully owned-and-operated logistics network helps you deliver throughout the entire process. Our team is capable of handling the storage, movement, set up and takedown of your activations at any day and at any time.

2. We’ve Executed 100% of Our Clients’ Activations, No Matter the Scope

Our team of storage and logistics experts have grown rapidly to support our clients on big ideas and even bigger activations. We have a flawless record working with some of the largest experiential marketing companies in both Canada and the USA who value our ability to develop custom solutions, our strong communication, on-site problem solving and dedicated account management. These activations range from picking, packing, and shipping products across the country to full-blown tours that require storage, setup and tear-down.

Case Study: The TD Northern Lights Activation

For an example of the consistent dedication we bring to each XM activation, look no further than the TD Northern Lights installation set up outside of TD Centre Plaza in Downtown Toronto for a three-month period in 2019. Over the course of those three months, we did the following:

  1. Delivered twelve 1,600 pound lamps on-site and placed them according to a specific floor plan
  2. Swapped 150-pound batteries on a weekly basis to ensure they remained lit
  3. Moved all lamps into a holding area whenever the forecast called for snow
  4. Removed all lamps from the activation site to store them safely until they were to be used again

Far from simply storing, delivering and picking up, our team sees installations and activations through from start to finish.




3. Our Fully-Integrated, Custom-Built Technology is Easy to Use

The ease and convenience of our services doesn’t end with the physical movement of our clients’ assets. We have developed our own integrated technology and software to ensure that our clients can both order and keep track of exactly what they’re storing with us.

We’ve built our software from the ground up to make managing your physical assets easier and faster than ever before. We’re constantly enhancing our software, making it faster, smarter and more intuitive to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

When you work with Second Closet, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your own personal portal where you can:

  1. Automatically let us know which assets you’re activating and when
  2. Understand the logistics on the day of your activation
  3. Track delivery trucks in real-time on the way to your activation
  4. Access all your account billing information and download invoices

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4. We Help Our Experiential Marketing Partners Execute for Less

Given the time, money and energy that goes into a successful XM installation, it’s essential for businesses to get the most out of their partners on a consistent basis. We help our partners execute on time, within budget and fully eliminate the need for additional vendors. Ours is a unique, partner-focused service model that pays for itself and allows you to focus your energies and efforts on running your business without worrying about logistics.

From the hundreds of thousands of dollars we saved one of our partners on rental truck damage fees, to the 80% we can help you save on postage rates for media drops, influencer campaigns, PR promo send-offs, we help our partners realize their vision for less.


5. We Provide Our Experiential Marketing Partners With Unparalleled Support

Better customer experience is a fundamental part of our business model. Within the experiential marketing space, we know that opportunities present themselves at the last minute which necessitates a partner that can provide solutions at the drop of a hat. We’re nimble and solutions-oriented and have turned around month-long activations within two hours.

We’re able to achieve this level of support and execution by being radically accessible over text, email, and by phone. Our dedicated account managers are available for any and all requests, while our operations specialists make setups, tear-downs and activations seamless and streamlined. Here’s how else we go the extra mile for our XM partners:

Cross-Country Logistics

From the Super Bowl to the NBA All-Star Game, and everything in between, we have kitted and shipped products on pallets and custom-built crates to ensure the integrity of the assets being shipped. Our ability to safely and quickly deploy assets that arrive on-time makes it possible to execute big ideas with confidence.

On-Site Support

Our entire XM team is led by an industry veteran with numerous cross-country tours and local activations under his belt. On top of our transportation and logistics support, you’ll benefit from having one point of contact for your on-site setups and tear-downs. Ultimately, we want to help you coordinate more efficiently to save time and money.


Find Out More About How Second Closet Can Streamline Your XM Operations

When you partner with us, you’ll receive the full support of our team — from our developers to our operations staff to our account management experts. We’ll work alongside you to make planning and executing experiential marketing easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever.













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