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4 Ways Second Closet Streamlines Secure File & Records Storage

By Geoff Parent on July, 10 2019

Second Closet is the fully integrated secure storage and logistics partner you’ve been looking for. We offer cost-effective, technology-first solutions to seamlessly manage, securely store, deliver & return your inventory, assets and files when, where and how you need it done.

When Second Closet launched in 2017 as a consumer-facing valet storage business, we did so with the aim of making storage more convenient, more efficient and more cost-effective than ever. The model is simple: we’ll pick up, securely store and return your items when and where you need them. When it comes to secure file and records storage, we utilize our unparalleled storage and logistics expertise to provide the same convenience and peace of mind to our business clients no matter the size and scope of their operations.

Aside from compliance with things like CRA regulations, secure file storage is critical to helping businesses keep vital records — medical records, legal documents, accounting records, inventory records, etc — safe, secure and organized until they’re needed. Read on to learn about five things that make Second Closet a preferred secure file and records storage partner for Canadian businesses.

1. We Offer Best-In-Class Secure Storage for Sensitive Files & Records in Four of Canada’s Largest Urban Centres

Any reputable file and records storage partner simply must start here. Regardless of additional features, services or benefits, the ‘secure’ component of secure file storage must be the highest priority for every single client. Our clients can rely on the fact that we own and operate all of our facilities, transportation and software in four of Canada’s largest urban centres. This means we don’t rely on any third-party interference at any stage of the process. Our clients can also rest assured knowing that all of our facilities are:

  • 4/7 monitored
  • Fire-safe
  • Climate-controlled


2. Pick Up, Securely Store, Manage & Return: Second Closet is a Full-Service File & Records Storage Partner

You shouldn’t have to expend copious amounts of time, money and energy in your efforts to secure and organize essential files and records. While it’s undoubtedly important to retain these documents and keep them accessible, figuring out how to manage them shouldn’t get in the way of the day-to-day tasks and high-level operations that keep your business running.

That’s why we offer our clients full-service secure file and records storage services across a wide range of industries. No matter the scope or sensitivity of the request, Second Closet takes the utmost care to pick up, securely store, manage, catalogue and return your files in a way that works best for your business. If necessary, we can also handle the digitization or shredding of whatever documents you need.

We leverage our logistics expertise to handle everything so you can focus on the aspects of your business that you do best.


3. Our Tech-Enabled Infrastructure Makes Cataloguing and Retaining Your Files Easier

One of the most important reasons to work with a secure file and records storage partner is to ensure that you’re remaining compliant with government laws and industry regulations that concern record keeping. For example, the CRA mandates that businesses are required to keep all relevant records and supporting documents for a period of six years from the end of the last tax year they relate to. Given how long some of the retention periods can be, a significant amount of essential paperwork can build-up in what feels like no time.

It’s for this reason that Second Closet uses best-in-class technology to make cataloguing and retaining your files more convenient and less time-consuming, no matter how much you need to store with us. We use our highly integrated, tech-enabled infrastructure to make document recall faster and more affordable. Simply select whatever files you need on our intuitive online platform and we’ll deliver them directly to you at the time you request.

4. Second Closet is a Dedicated Secure Storage & Logistics Partner

Secure file and records storage is a business where trust and accountability are paramount. That’s why we bring a partnership mindset to every client relationship regardless of the size or scope of the business. Rather than simply focus on the transactional operations at-hand, our dedicated account management and customer success teams are focused on helping businesses stay organized, compliant and entirely satisfied with the services rendered.


Second Closet is the Canadian Secure File & Records Storage Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Choosing a secure storage and logistics partner is a major step for your business. But just because the process is an important one, doesn’t mean it should be a hassle. No matter the scope of services you need — big or small — Second Closet is a dedicated file and records partner that offers tech-enabled, end-to-end solutions that can help your business run smoother.




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