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The 10 Most Creative Storage Solutions for Studio Apartments

By Rachel Mackintosh on September, 25 2019

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Tiny studio apartments are becoming the norm in the Toronto and Vancouver real estate markets. If you live in one, you probably know very well that every single square foot counts. But finding functional space hacks that keep with the aesthetics of your place requires some creativity. So without further ado, here are the ten most creative storage solutions for studio apartments!

1. Use a Behind-the-Door Shoe Holder



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Looking for an extra space for your cleaning supplies, makeup, gift supplies, T-shirts, or anything else? Try using a behind-the-door shoe holder. Any narrow items prone to become clutter can be instantly spread out and made visible. Plus, individual items will be easier to spot, making them more accessible. Bonus: these storage solutions are super cheap.


2. Make the Most of Those Nooks and Crannies


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Space runs out really quickly when we don’t look upwards. Take this bathroom shelving solution for example. This bathroom probably didn’t have room for the traditional set of drawers on the floor or even space for long horizontal shelving. But shelves don't need to have long expanses of space to be useful. If your apartment is full of these narrow nooks and crannies, build your shelving vertically.

3. Free Up Sink Storage with Hooks


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Stick a hook or two on the back of a vanity door or under the sink and hang up any clunky, oddly-shaped or bulky hair care items by making use of the long cord. This gets them out of the way but still keeps them easily accessible when you need them. 


4. Slip a Small Table Behind the Sofa


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A skinny table behind the sofa do wondrous things for both your decorative and space-saving purposes. If your couch is against a wall, slipping an ultra slim table behind can allow you to add lamps, pictures, coasters, the remote, books or plants, freeing up floor space and giving you an extra place to keep your stuff. If your couch isn’t against a wall, the table can double as an island! Add stools below and create the perfect dining area while watching TV. It’s also a great way to add extra seating if you entertain a lot!

5. Get Furniture that Does Both


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When you’re faced with limited square feet, choosing items that are multi-purpose are key! For example, getting a bed frame that also doubles as a bookshelf keeps all your essential items close at hand and could even eliminate the need for a nightstand. A lot of bed frames also come with a set of drawers underneath, like this one from IKEA.


6. Divide Your Space With Shelving


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One of the main difficulties with studio apartments is the lack of separate rooms. There’s a lack of separation between all your zones, as your traditionally separate bedroom, kitchen, workplace, and chill-space are condensed into a single room. Try dividing up your space with an open concept shelving unit. Not only does it create some semblance of separation between the different areas in your apartment, but it allows for extra space to store things. And since these shelves are backless, items on the shelves can be accessed from either side.

7. Create Your Own Walk in Closet


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No closet? Or just not enough closets? Here’s a solution for you. Create one in the space behind your bed! Using clothing racks, wall-mounted shelves, and curtains you can finally have your very own walk-in closet.

8. Fit More Clothes in Smaller Spaces by Folding Them Like Marie Kondo


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By now, you’ve probably already heard of 2019 internet sensation and organizational expert Marie Kondo. And if you haven’t, then you better log onto Netflix right now to watch the immensely popular Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series.

In short, she teaches that items should be folded in a way that makes them stand upright. Not only does this method provide immense space-saving benefits, but it also makes items easier to see at a glance. Here’s how to fold everything in your closet - from sweaters to underwear - like Marie Kondo.


9. Use a Coat Rack for Shoes


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Ok this one might look a bit weird at first, but hear us out. Adding in a low-mounted coat rack in your entry hall for shoes is a great way to get shoes lying around off the ground. And, since it’s more compact than traditional shoe racks, you can mount this behind the front door. Not only does this prevent any tripping over shoes left on the ground, but it’s especially good in the winter for drying the bottom of wet shoes.

10. Second Closet




Sometimes the best storage hack is having someone else do the work for you. If your studio apartment is just too small to cram everything in, don’t sweat it. Items like seasonal clothing, sentimental items, or important documents can all be taken off your hands for a set amount of time and safely stored outside the home. At Second Closet, we’ll pick up all your stuff, store it in our secure and temperature-controlled storage facility, and deliver it back to you when you need it. Our process is effortless, quick, and can be entirely controlled through our online platform from the comfort of your home.

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